About Dan

Dan Kessler for Minnesota

A solutions-focused leader who’ll represent all local residents.

Dr. Dan Kessler

Hi! I’m Dan Kessler. I’m a father and psychologist who is running to represent Carver County in the Minnesota State Senate.

In my work as a psychologist, my goal is to help my patients uncover solutions to their problems and to live healthier, happier lives. I aim to bring this problem-solving approach and focus on quality of life to the Minnesota State Senate.

As a cancer survivor and healthcare professional, I know firsthand what it’s like to experience a critical and costly diagnosis. I hear from people who don’t fill needed prescriptions, or skip seeing the doctor when sick, because they can’t afford to go even when they have health insurance. I listen to people struggling to balance work and family life.

For 25 years, I’ve helped my patients one at a time. I will use my experience as a professional and public servant to help all Carver County residents address their issues at a state level.

My wife and I have raised four children here in Chaska. As local parents, we understand the importance of having a strong public education system. All of our kids have attended Eastern Carver County Schools. Our oldest two children are Chaska High graduates who are now in graduate school. We have a 16 year old at Chaska High, and our youngest will be starting at Chaska Middle School East this fall!

Our family loves all that eastern Carver County has to offer. We spend time hiking and biking the local trails, playing at Fireman’s Park, or enjoying locally-owned restaurants. This is our home.

As a Minnesota State Senator, I’ll work to create opportunities for all residents of Carver County to thrive. I value public service and understand the importance of using common goals and collaboration to bring people together. I’ll work in collaboration with constituents to give voice to ALL local residents.

Dan Kessler will focus on the issues
that will improve our lives and better our futures

Women's Right to Choose

Minnesota is the last state in the Midwest where abortion care is available. Dan supports a woman's right to bodily autonomy. He will co-author legislation to guarantee a woman's right to choose and support passage of the Equal Rights Amendment in Minnesota.

Healthcare as a Right

Dan firmly believes that access to affordable medical care is a basic human right. He will fight to reduce healthcare costs for Minnesotans.

Educational Excellence for All

A robust public education system in which we support our teachers and invest in our schools will help us build a Minnesota in which we all thrive. Dan believes in supporting college graduates and trade school attendees by making post-secondary education affordable for all.

Tackling Inflation

Carver County residents are dealing with increased prices at the gas pump and grocery store while the state runs a $9.5B budget surplus. Meanwhile, our current Senate has refused to use this surplus to help those that are struggling. Dan will work to invest that surplus back to the state of Minnesota and provided needed relief to Minnesotans.

Energy Independence

We can preserve Minnesota’s beautiful nature and boost our economy at the same time by investing in emerging technologies. Dan will support legislation that provides incentives to produce electricity in the state of Minnesota in order to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

Protect Our Democracy

Minnesota has a long history of high voter participation, with Carver County at the top. To ensure everyone’s voices are heard at the ballot box, Dan supports Ranked Choice Voting, improving the availability of voting by mail, making Election Day a state holiday, and fighting election-related disinformation campaigns.​

Ally for LGBTQ+ Rights

We must protect the rights of our LGBTQ+ community members to live happy and whole lives. Defeating the anti-marriage amendment wasn’t enough. Dan will fight to ban conversion therapy statewide and will support anti-discrimination legislation.​

Improve Gun Safety

Our schools must be a safe place to work and learn. Dan stands with the 90% of Minnesotans who want universal background checks on gun purchases and Red Flag Laws. We must end the stranglehold of the national gun lobby on Minnesota policies.​

Legalize Marijuana

Dan follows the science when it comes to marijuana legalization. Implementing reasonable, science-based policies will benefit the state. Recreational marijuana will increase tax revenue and decrease rates of incarceration for minor non-violent offenses.​